HACM 12-10-2014 Meeting Agenda


HACM 11-12-2014 Meeting Agenda


HACM 10-15-2014 Special Meeting Agenda


Addendum to BID 2014-03 Pomona Ranch Improvements

In connection with Pomona Ranch Improvements, for General Contract located at 11777 Woodward Way, Madera CA The following changes will be part of the General Contract.


HACM 10-08-2014 Meeting Agenda


HACM 09-10-2014 Special Meeting Agenda


OMS - Pomona Ranch Improvements 9-2014

The Housing Authority of the City of Madera will receive **sealed bids for Improvements to the Pomona Ranch Migrant Center at its Administrative Offices located at 205 North G Street, Madera, Ca 93637. Bids will be received at the Housing Authority offices until 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, October 7th, local time, at which time all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.** All bid documents shall be sealed in an envelope which shall be clearly marked with the words **"Pomona Ranch Improvements", the bid number, the bidder's name, and the date and time for receipt of the bids.**

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